Decoupage and Decorate Easter Eggs

Decoupage and Decorate Easter Eggs

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Today I am showing you how to decoupage and decorate eggs for Easter. This fun project is easy to make and will last all year because I used faux eggs instead of hard-boiled eggs.

Follow the instructions below for inspiration.


  • Faux Easter Eggs
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Brush
  • Floral Print Paper
  • Scissors


  • Begin by cutting the flowers out of the paper. Make sure to use decorative paper that is thin. Thick cardstock is harder to adhere to the eggs.


  • Next, use a foam brush to apply Mod Podge or some other decoupage medium on the back of one of the paper cut-outs.
  • Glue the paper on the egg.
  • Smooth out the edges with your finger or with the foam brush.


  • Continue gluing the paper cut-outs until you cover each egg. Let the glue dry for a couple of hours.
  • Once dry, you can add stickers and embellishments to the eggs.

I decorated my…

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7 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month

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April is National Poetry Month. If you think poetry’s “not your thing”, you might be surprised to find out you already enjoy it, you just didn’t know it was poetry. Stretch your creative mind and embrace poetry in one of its many forms during National Poetry Month. Here are 7 ways you can celebrate:

1. Borrow a book of poetry from the library. The great thing about poetry books, you don’t need to read them cover-to-cover to enjoy them. Find a few poems that speak to you.

2. Check out a CD and read the song lyrics. Songwriting is a form of poetry. Don’t know where to start? Try:

3. Read a novel told in verse. Don’t know where to start? Try:

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Create an Easter Bunny

Create an Easter Bunny

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Easter is a great time to get crafty and with school holidays and children at home you often need a few little projects to keep them busy.  Making some little Easter decorations is a great craft project to do with children and in true Blue Peter style, why not create some Easter bunnies using empty toilet roll tubes and coloured paper.

You Will Need

Empty toilet roll tube

Selection of coloured paper

Glue or double sided tape

Small pom pom or felt ball

How to Make

Start by covering your toilet roll tube with white paper.  Then using your main coloured paper wrap the tube, securing with glue or double sided paper.


Once complete you can now add your embellishments, I’ve added some eyes (made from white and black dots of card); a small felt ball and thin strips of black card for the nose and whiskers, large ears and some…

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Family Traditions

Welcome Today's  Stop is  the Methodist Church of Melville.   This Church has a lot of history in our Family - My Mom was married in this church and Bridal shower in the church hall. And many years later I repeated that pattern and married my husband here.     The Church Hall as been [...]