Social Media – Tuesday

Today is Tuesday ! And It’s all about Social Media –  Facebook is my focus today –

Do you like it? How much time do you spend on it? Is it personal or business?

Let me tell you a little about my path to Facebook –



I first got on Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family. My husband and I have family all over the country. And it was a quick way to say Hello or send a Birthday Wish. It also let us see the fun things our extended families where up to.

Also a great way to keep up with whats current in the world and family interest. I discovered great recipes and new crafts and found some old friends along the way. A win in my world.

Then my family moved and my son started a new school om line. I found myself spending more time on line and started a Facebook group for my son school. Now over 200 people and growing I am hitting my busy season as we get ready for school. So I am checking in all the time with the group.

Groups are a great place to get together and share ideas and information.



Then I decided to split my Personnel page from my  Blog Facebook page



Lisa s Everyday Life Facebook page

My Blog is an extension of who I am and I thought it needed its own identity  and home . Its a page where i promote what I love to do  when I am not being a Mom/ Wife – its my latest book review, or a new food find or may a new craft i’am exploring. There is some over lap but mostly what you see on the blog ends up on the page with extra content and promo from followers. I love to promote other sites,blogs and pages that peaks my interest. I also run blog hops and Promo events on my Facebook page.

Do you have a Page – I would love to follow you back . Please drop me a link.

Have something going on and need some help -drop me a message.

I check in a couple times a day so stop in  and say  Hi.

So – Yes it’s important to me. Both Personal and Business reasons.And I probably spend to much time on it but thats okay. 

Now I need to get going – I need to be Mom now.. Lisa

Check Back Tomorrow – My Craft table will be filled with new projects . 



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