Pinterest – Are you a fan?

Happy August 1 st ! Today ‘s Theme is Pinterest

Do You use it?    What Do You Use it For? 


Pinterest is a social network that allows users to visually share, and discover new interests by posting (known as ‘pinning’ on Pinterest) images or videos to their own or others’ boards (i.e. a collection of ‘pins,’ usually with a common theme) and browsing what other users have pinned.

That being said is it a secret obsession  ( My sister) or are you a look around type. My pins are a collection of items -books i am reading,want to read, favorite crafts, food and future ideas for post. I find my self checking it a couple of times a day. It;s nice to have a place that i can say – Wait i saw that and pull up a picture or directions for something I liked.

I  Guess – I am a little of both and Today I thought – i would share my links and Maybe a few of my favorites and followers.Please drop in your link in comments and I will follow you.  Lisa


My Profile with all my Boards – My Profile Link

My School Board     Free posters,color pages -check list -all kind of goodies,    school  

My Craft Table     – My personal crafts are here     My Craft Table

But I have lots of other Crafts pins for Decorations,Fonts ,Free Color pages and gifts pined.

Some Friends Boards I follow-

Imagine Craft Blog   imagine crafts

For The Love of Italian Cooking   page

Cheryl – Book Addict Live  page

Tammy’s Stamping Creations   page

Crafts N Coffee page

6 thoughts on “Pinterest – Are you a fan?

  1. For the longest time I had it but didn’t use it. I heard people recommending it to drive traffic to their sites. Finally I started using it and discovered I enjoyed pinning and collecting things on themed boards – like my swimming board: I also found that pinning (and repinning) my blog post images led to a huge jump in traffic to my blog. I’ve heard some say it’s less of a social platform and more of a visual search engine. Either way I enjoy it. Just have to make the time to actually do some of the creative projects I pin!


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