Food Allergy Safe Treats

Does Someone in your family have food allergies ?  Mine does & many others do, I came across this great site for Halloween Teal Pumpkin Project



The 2017 Allergy Friendly Guide Halloween Guide     Please check before eating. Everyone has different triggers. 

Need to bring something to the Classroom or Home-

1/2 Cup Sugar

2 teaspoon of Cinnomon

1 pkg of Puff Pastry thawed.

Roll out puff pastry – Sprinkle with sugar/ Cinnamon. Roll up -like Jelly Roll . Slice ,

Place on Cookie sheet and Bake @ 375 for 12/15 minutes.

  • This has no Nuts or Eggs


Fruit Koo bob ,Chex Mix also Does great Cereal you can mix together for a Gluten Free snack