My First Friday in November

Glad to see it’s Friday! We had a busy week here at home. Started off with a busy End of October with : Halloween, Day of the Dead & All Saints ( which was Wet & Cold) than on to November blew in with Storms & Warm weather. We went from temperatures in the 40’s to this weeks high of 85 – typical November weather for South Louisiana. 

With that rapid change -it also brings in- Cold & Sinus problems and Mom;s Cure:

Chicken in Dumplings- I will be the first to say that depending on where you live this recipe can varies. My family even makes to kinds-

  1. Drop Dumpling -as the name the batter is dropped from a Tablespoon in hot brown chicken gravy. These dumplings are more a biscuit like dough recipe.
  2. The rolled out dumpling -are flat like and made more like homemade pasta. (Okay -I will confess -I buy them frozen from the big box store) .



My Chicken & Dumplings

Cut up chicken – Place in a large stock pot -Cover with water & seasoning. ( you are making Chicken Stock) . Let Cook until Chicken fall off the bones. Take Chicken out & separate meat. Strain Liquid & Return to pot. I add vegetables and Seasoning &cook.

You will need to being to boil and Add Dumplings. Stir & Place a Lid on pot on Medium for 45 minutes or until done. ( If you use frozen follow package direction) . Enjoy.

  • You can use a whole chicken. pieces or boneless its your choice.



Today Thank You goes out to all of you that keeps the town clean & running. Garbage,town worker -public works -Thank You for all you do!

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