Without Missing a Bark * Stella St.Claire

It’s The Year of the Dog!!!


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Dog-nappings are an owner’s worst nightmare. When three rare, expensive, and sought after puppies go missing within a few days of each other, Olivia doesn’t even need to be asked to take the case. Her clients are like family and she can’t stand to see a family grieve over their missing canine member. But when the investigation leads her to a local jeweler’s Olivia reveals to her best friend that she’s ready to make things official with Andrew. In her shock, Jackie lets it slip that Andrew was thinking the same thing (and has a new ring to prove it!).

Olivia decides to beat Andrew to the punch. How better to show her stellar level of commitment than proposing first. But the best blabbermouth seems to have tipped off Andrew too. Now, they’re playing a game of keep your friends close and your soon-to-be-spouse closer, which Andrew cements by asking to come along on this case.

But when the missing puppies lead to the murder of a well-known (and well hated) romance advice columnist, Olivia and Andrew’s feelings will be tested. Not just in the battle for the bridal win, but in sifting through suspects who wanted to kill the author for ruining their love lives. Olivia and Andrew are in a rush to find who done it, before the investigation does away with their engagement.

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