National Chocolate Covered Nut day !

Happy National Chocolate Covered Nuts day

Lisa* Recipe Box

Happy National Chocolate Coated Nuts Day !!

And Today’s : Slow Cooked  Chocolate Peanuts from Betty C rocker

1 package (16 oz) vanilla-flavored candy coating (almond bark)
1 package (16 oz) chocolate-flavored candy coating (almond bark)
1 jar (16 oz) dry-roasted salted peanuts
1 jar (16 oz) dry-roasted unsalted peanuts
  • In 4-quart or larger slow cooker, place candy coatings. Cover; heat on Low heat setting 2 to 3 hours, stirring occasionally, until completely melted.
  • 2
    Pour peanuts over melted candy mixture, and stir until coated. Drop by tablespoons full 8cd85e5e-a8dc-473e-a44c-277f42da1552 onto cooking parchment or waxed paper. Allow to set completely, approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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