Summer time * Flip Flops Fun

Last year, Americans spent $2.6 billion on arguably the most popular shoe of summertime – the flip-flop.

And I  missed celebrating  Yesterday was national Flip Flop Day but wanted to honor a  Summer time favorite this Saturday in June.  So put your flip flop on and enjoy!!!

Do you have a favorite pair? Favorite Company or material ?  Or hate them ? 

The Does & Don’t of Wearing  Flip Flops flip flop rules

beach vacation sand desert
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History Lessons :

The name “flip flop” comes specifically from the sound the sandals make when they slap between the sole of your foot and the floor. This particular type of sandal originated as early as the Ancient Egyptians in 4000 BC, and the oldest known pair is on display at the British Museum from 1500 BC.

As for the modern-day flip-flop, its origins trace back to Japan, said Elizabeth Semmelhack, curator of the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto.

During World War II, Japan was big into rubber production. It took over rubber tree plantations across Southeast Asia.

“Obviously, they lose the rubber regions after the war, but the industry itself was still viable,” Semmelhack said.

In the 1950s, Japan began shipping rubber flip-flops to the U.S. as one of its earliest exports after the war. They were marketed as Zoris, Japanese thongs typically made of straw.

The rubber ones where made popular by American housewives wearing them around the house and later spread to others. And a craze began!

So no mater what color.price or material we love our flip flops and enjoy wearing your favorite pair today. As you enjoy the Summer.


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