National Beautician Day * Southern Tradition

Today is National Beautician Day !!

And as a true Southern I though about the classic movie : Steel Magnolia  Filmed in Natchitoches , Louisiana -the perfect spot to film this movie. 




Southern’s take there Hair series : Have you ever heard the saying – Higher the Hair closer to God.

Yes, it’s a stereotype—Southerners have and love big hair. But this is one stereotype that’s absolutely true and we’re not ashamed to admit it. Southerners have been making waves with their over sized hairdos for decades and—we’d argue—have been the biggest hairstyle trendsetters to date

To be frank  I am not a hair person on any given day its in a ponytail & I have no make up on and that doesn’t bother me. But my big Sis & Mom keep there hair appoints  and never leave the house without hair done  ,makeup and dressed up =even if its to the grocery store.

As people & the time changes we may move away from that  trend but some Southerns will never give it up it’s a way of life. It kept you in touch with the community and your town in a fun environment  that was special and comforting. Lisa


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