Christmas Angel Doorstop *Gifts from the Home

Today’s Gift from my Home : A Christmas Fabric Angel Door Stop :

Do you do craft shows ? Do you like to make gifts for family and friends. I made these a few years ago to sell at a local holiday craft sale, But if not interested in making Angels – you can make a lot of other things – Lisa

  • 1/2 yard Christmas fabric  ( varies by what shape you draw)


  • Polyester stuffing and (sand or gravel for base)
  • Lace doilies (wings)
  • Lace for collar and decorations
  • 2 Popsicle sticks for arms
  • Large round wooden Ball for face (paint for features)
  • Polyester hair  (yarn)
  • Decorations for your  Angel  (jewelry,trim)
  • Sewing machine and basic supplies .

Make a basic patter (bell shape) with two arm patterns. Sew and leave a spot to stuff body . Fill the bottom with something that has weight (so will stand ) & then stuff rest, Make Arms  stuff and thread wooden sticks through for shape. Attach at  top and cover with Lace collar.  Paint Face on ball and Glue on top, Add hair. Attach lace doilies  for wings. Decorate ! Lisa 

You can make these in any shape or size : Pinterst has a Door Stop board with great example & inspiration Door Stops











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