Spring Garden Planning and Journals :

Garden Planning and journals 101 for Spring 2019:

The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.

You can down load the Free pdf herehttps://www.arbico-organics.com/category/garden-journal

Garden planning starts with a sketch of the area ,then add in plants and watch it grow. Make sure you keep notes about what when on during the process :But if you dont have a large plot – use a container or small raised beds…..Lisa

Anyone can Garden : Size doesn’t matter:

. You can make small container gardens out of about anything that with hold soil . I always keep a small herb garden by my front door that I can walk out and pick as I cook a meal….

Steps for making a container garden:

  • Soil – Good soil is essential for all container-grown plants. Fill the container with quality potting soil up to an inch from the rim – any more soil will wash out when you water. Expect some settling of soil over time.
  • Water – More frequent watering is necessary for container plants. Water when the soil feels dry to the touch. Continue watering until liquid runs from the bottom of the container. In the hot days of summer, containers may require daily watering. If you are combining plant varieties in a container, make sure the moisture requirements are the same.
  • Food – Use diluted plant food. Because water drains out more quickly, so will the fertilizer. You may fertilize your container garden with either a slow-release fertilizer or a water-soluble, quick release fertilizer such as 20-20-20.
  • Light – Provide light requirements as dictated by the variety. If you are combining plant varieties in a container, make sure the light requirements are the same. Remember to turn the containers occasionally to maximize light exposure on all sides.
  • Planting – Space vegetable, herb, and flower transplants about 1/3 closer than in the garden. This guarantees a full container with a great appearance. A tree or shrub root ball should be only slightly smaller than the container. Repot as needed when growth dictates. It’s a good idea to repot every 3-4 years to replace soil which has experienced salt build-up.
  • Temperature – Container plants require extra care to prevent overheating or freezing. Either can cause drying out.
  • Grooming – Prune, deadhead and pinch back as needed. Check container plants often to keep them from getting leggy. Watch for disease and pests. Remove dead foliage and flowers to prevent fungal diseases. Because container plants are closer together, the opportunity for disease is greater.

My son’s College Plant Science class ( ENVS 150)

My son took a plant science class at college centered around organic gardening. He learned to make compost,natural fertilizer and charting plant growth. He planted sweet potatoes, kale ,potatoes and green beans in plots. The other part of the class was a plant journal of the weather and daily observations. UL has strong ties to the local farmers market and small organic farms in the area …… Lisa #geauxcajuns

Garden Journals :

Today I am featuring Bloom and Grow from Simple Stories. I used the solid sheets and pocket pages for my journal (4 X 6 ) size.

  • Cut a green solid (6 X8)
  • top is a 4X 6 journal card(glued to top cover)
  • 6 small sheets for inside sheets (4X6)
  • Punch 3 whole with hole punch on the folded side.
  • String run through holes to make binder.
  • Decorate ….. Lisa

you can also print the above garden pdf (8X10) and make a cover and bind it in the same way ….. Lisa

small notebook (8X5)

Dollar store notebook

This journal is made using a small notebook I purchased from the dollar store. The cover is decorated from the paper and cut outs from the kit. -The pages inside are perfect to keep track of your garden notes .

Garden pocket card :

garden card : giving a gift of a plant make this.

The pocket is made in sunshine yellow taken after a Seed packet. The ATC card is made from the pocket card selection from the kit…..Lisa

Happy Gardening ! Lisa

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