College Planner time

Happy Wednesday ! It’s Planner time :

Today’s college post is a cute planner decorated to support our college. But change the decorations or colors and could be used for any school or university. Lisa

Saturday is Sleep in day ! And Sunday we always send our Son Pizza to the dorm room.

Need a little help planning ?

Becoming an Organized and Productive Adult! 

It is no secret that poor time management is the source of a great deal of the stress college students experience. Assignments are remembered last-minute, causing far too many all-nighters. Recreation is just sprinkled here and there instead of intentionally enjoyed. Meanwhile, keeping up with finances, financial aid deadlines, and other random tasks and needs can be a struggle. 

The simple act of creating a schedule and a budget can make an incredible different in the college years. And, having it all in one place makes it even easier! Well Planned Gal’s College Planner is specially designed for keeping track of assignments, due dates, to-do lists, special dates, finances, and more. With helpful articles and worksheets built in, students can learn how to build routines and budgets, find plenty of time for rest and fun, and enjoy a healthy and full college year.

Planner Features

  • What to Bring to College Checklist
  • Semester Goals & Book Lists
  • 2 Page Monthly Calendar Page
  • Read through the Bible in a Year Plan
  • Monthly Notes, Tips, & Projects
  • Monthly Budgeting Worksheet
  • 2 Page Spacious Weekly Layout
  • Assignment Scheduling & Grading
  • Inspirational Quotes

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