Book Review: Prayer Journal

Praise-packed. Travel-sized. A simple prayer journal.

Life moves fast. So why not take a moment out of every day and find profound meaning by connecting with faith―anytime, anywhere. The Popcorn Prayer Journal is an easy way for Christians to write down meaningful one-on-one private moments with God.

Find comfort in the Word and get closer to God, even on the go. The Popcorn Prayer Journal delivers quick prompts to encourage daily prayers, record significant events and prayer results, note moving Bible verses, and more. Take the power of praise and worship with you wherever your day, week, or life leads.

Open up this prayer journal and discover:

  • Potent, portable praise―This square-sized prayer journal features heavy non-bleed paper stock and a fresh contemporary cover design that’s sure to delight.
  • Prayer-starting prompts―Clear, spiritual suggestions help you get started writing and recording short prayers, simple petitions, shouts of praise, and your favorite scripture.
  • A great gift―Give the lasting gifts of prayer and praise to close friends and loved ones.

Give God a sincere shout out every day―and this prayer journal is the perfect place to do it.

Book Review :

This Popcorn Prayer Journal is really a great journal because it is small but meaningful. The author Barry Adams wants us to write down thoughts longings and things that happened throughout our daily life so that we don’t forget them. There are prompts in each section and are different each day which reminds us what is important in our lives and what to pray for. A perfect small journal to keep track of family concerns and prayer request and the perfect compliment on your daily prayer journey.

I received a review copy from the publisher.Callisto Publisher’s Club for an honest review. Lisa

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