St. Landry Tourist Center

Today in my virtual classroom we are on a Field Trip : The St Landry Tourist Center

The Center is an award-winning example of how sustainable practices can and should be incorporated in the design and function of a building as well as a state certified welcome center.

From its orientation on the property to the materials used for construction, much attention was given as to how both old and new practices could be used to tell the story of St. Landry Parish. As one of the largest and oldest parishes in Louisiana, St. Landry’s rich history has been well preserved for visitors to see today.  The building is used to start that conversation about who we are and where we came from. Learn about unique Louisiana practices like bousillage and how that relates to our use of processed cardboard and newspaper for insulation. We’ve incorporated reclaimed materials such as the longleaf pine used as flooring in our lobby and the handmade bricks reused on our exterior wall.

Let’s learn more about saving and recycling water and wind turbine energy here at our site -where Earth day and saving our plant is an every day fact…..Lisa

Native plants,trees are water by collected rain water.

Re Used Sugar can boil pot.

Thanks for stopping bye and visiting my virtual school room….Lisa

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