First Thanksgiving

Today at the Library we are reading and learning about : The first Thanksgiving! Join us this Tuesday for kids time.

Let’s Read :

Discover what happened during the very first Thanksgiving!

As one of the few young children living in the Plymouth colony, Miles Allterton is always looking to make new friends. In a nearby Wampanoag settlement, a girl named Aquina wants to hunt with her father and brothers. When the two children meet during preparations for a harvest feast, they quickly strike up a friendship. Readers (Ages 7-9) will follow along as the children and their families attend the first Thanksgiving celebration.

A great way to start our class discussion and now a fun coloring page : Can you name the food he brought?

Corn or maise

Did you know that corn 🌽 is over 10,000 years old ? Flint carn was served at the first Thanksgiving but now sweet corn is served.

Craft Time at the Library :

Construction paper stripes to size of kids heads to become a headband. Decorate with feathers and paint decorations on the band.

Its time to get out those colored popscile sticks and make a Turkey !

Hand cut turkey body from brown construction paper. Decorate with eyes and beaks.

You will need (7) sticks : precooked or color with markers. Glue to the back of turkey body. In fan shape. You are done. Lisa

Stop bye tomoorow on my Food blog for Thanksgiving sweets….. Lisa

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