Christmas at Home

Welcome to my Home this December ! This year I set up different themes in each area of my yard. Today is my Front Door area and tips for decorating a tree like a professional. Lisa

Front Door : side yard in Vibrant Nontraditional Color Ideas.

8 of the Best Christmas Decorating Themes to Consider in 2020

  • Winter Wonderland Theme.
  • Rustic Christmas.
  • Whimsical DIY Christmas Decorations.
  • Beach Themed Christmas Decor.
  • Vibrant Nontraditional Color Ideas.
  • Christmas at the Movies.
  • Santa’s Workshop.
  • Elf-Inspired Decor.

My white tree :

Decorating the tree like a professional :

Design around a theme

A professional-looking Christmas tree has a central look that ties the decorations together. 

  • invest in a high-quality artificial tree
  •  Fluff and shape branches
  • Start with the lights first
  •  Choose the right decorations
  • Cluster your baubles :

Dangle delicate glass baubles at the top of the tree to prevent any breakages, and add special ones last to ensure they are in the perfect position.

And how much baubles will you need? It’s recommends 80 baubles for a 7.5ft tree.

  •  Layer and style ribbons : expert tip is to layer your Christmas tree with decorative ribbons, which will elevate your tree’s aesthetic. You may use one type of ribbon or pair ribbons of contrasting textures and different widths to create more impact.
  • . Use tree picks : Tree picks and floral sprays come in many forms, such as decorated branches, twigs, berries, or even pinecones – use them as subtle accents to complement the entire look of your tree. 
  •  Choose the right tree topper
  •   Finish off with a tree skirt is the finishing touch to your decorations and serves to balance the overall design of your Christmas tree. T

Around the tree:

Thanks for stopping bye and check back tommorow for Holiday books and more…. Lisa

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