Complete Container Herb Gardening:

Book review

Lisa Everyday Reads

InComplete Container Herb Gardening, herbal guru and certified horticulturist Sue Goetz walks you through the ins and outs of growing these fragrant and flavorful plant treasures in containers.

Herbs areamong the easiest edible plants to grow, and when you cultivate your own fresh herbs, you can enjoy theirabundant flavors,healing properties, and uses fornatural home and beautyevery day—plus reapbig savingsat the grocery store or farmer’s market.

Whether you grow on a suburban patio, an urban rooftop, a condo balcony, or on the front porch of your duplex, discoveringwhich herbs grow best in pots, how toselect the ideal containersfor the job, and how totend your container herb gardento maximize production (and flavor!) is key to your success.

Highlighted bygorgeous photography, Sue also presents overa dozen container “recipes” for mixing and matching…

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