Monday : Coffee Break

Welcome to my Monday Coffee Break where I share blog and family updates and plans for the coming weeks. So grab a cup of coffee with me and enjoy……

family Update :

We are still doing well here in Louisiana. Got my son back to college a enjoyed some family time while he was here. While visiting we where hit with Snow and Ice. Something very unusual for South Louisiana. Now it’s all melted and the Sun is out. The weather is in the 60’s this week with rain in the forecast. Hopefully it will pass and I will be able to get outside and clean up.

Blog Update / Planner :

This week I will be wrapping up my February post and finishing up my planner for February And looking forward to planning for March. .

Simple Feb planner layout
  • Tuesday : Salute to Black History Month
  • Wed: Season of Lent (Seafood dishes)
  • Thurs: Pictures
  • Friday : OLW post

My Monday Coffee Cup inspiration:

my Mom collection

Have a great week and check back tomorrow…. Lisa

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