Cleaning and Organizing for Fall

This Tuesday I am celebrating the first week of October with Organizing and cleaning for Fall .

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but fall is actually the perfect time to revisit the flow of your home and make sure you’re staying on top of your organization.

By cleaning in the fall, you can make sure that you start your winter hibernation in a home free of dust and grit. A fall cleaning can also help rid your house of any bugs or spiders that want to make your home their own during the chilly winter months.

Tips for Organizing Your Home in 2022

Get Rid of Things You Didn’t Wear

“The end of each season is the time to look through your entire closet with a fresh set of eyes,” says Joni. “Think to yourself, ‘What did I actually wear and use in this last season?'”

Clearing out unworn bathing suits, shorts, and sundresses at the end of summer means you’ll have less clothing to store—and fewer extra accessories to deal with—once spring and summer roll around again

Put Out-of-Season Items in Storage

To save time and maximize your space, your closet should have only in-season items stashed in it. Store out-of-season items in labeled bins, then swap those items with what’s in your closet when a new season rolls around

Focus on Space-Saving Solutions

Once you’ve cleared out unused items from the previous season and tucked warm-weather clothing away, it’s time to bring out the sweaters, coats, scarves, and more—items that tend to be much larger, physically, than their spring and summer counterparts.

To add extra space for your fall and winter things Buy Decorative Hooks and cascading hangers for space.

Get Ahead of the Holidays

It never hurts to start looking ahead and doing what you can to alleviate holiday stress, whether that’s setting aside space for gift-wrapping supplies or moving holiday decorations to a more accessible spot. If guest rooms are used as overflow storage, start clearing them out as early as possible, so you can focus on more pressing matters (like setting out fresh linens) when visitors begin arriving.

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