Lisa Book Shelf : Vegan Baked Donuts

Bake up a delectable mix of classic and creative vegan donuts

There’s nothing like hot, fresh donuts to delight your taste buds—and now you can bake them at home using nutritious, vegan ingredients! This cookbook is full of tasty recipes and expert advice for making healthy-ish donuts in your own kitchen.

What sets this vegan donut cookbook apart from other vegan baking cookbooks:

  • All sorts of delicious donuts—Satisfy every craving with baked, vegan versions of both cake and yeasted donuts in a wide variety of flavors and styles, including glazed, sugared, stuffed, and even savory.
  • Healthier ingredients—Explore ways to sweeten your donuts without relying on refined sugar, and adapt recipes to address specific dietary considerations by avoiding ingredients like gluten or nuts.
  • Versatile recipes—Recipes can be made in standard or mini donut pans, or adapted for use with a mini donut machine.

Create craveworthy donuts without eggs and dairy thanks to The Vegan Baked Donut Cookbook.

My shelf:

I am a Cookbook junkies. This book has everything you need even if you are an experienced baker.
A KEEPER for the recipes because for the most part they are healthy for our diet and baked, NOT deep fried. Lisa

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