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Welcome to my Home this Tuesday ! This week I am celebrating the Earth. As we approach Earth Day April 22 ! My post today is all about the campainge that the state of Louisiana is having to clean up the state and Volunteering to help in your community/

Join us this Saturday to Clean the Park in Melville,la!

Keep Louisiana Beautiful brings people together to build and sustain vibrant, clean communities. Through our programs and a statewide network of affiliates, we provide the right tools and resources to prevent litter, reduce waste, increase recycling, and protect the natural resources of our communities. Our mission is to promote personal, corporate, and community responsibility for a clean and beautiful Louisiana.

Our four key initiatives include:

  • Improving policy and infrastructure to make it easier for people to do the right thing through our grants programs, advocacy, and data collection
  • Strengthening environmental law enforcement through enforcement legislation support, ordinance templates, and a litter court handbook
  • Influencing positive behavior through education with our K-5 litter education curriculum, teacher trainings, public awareness campaigns and motorist education programs
  • Increasing community capacity through our litter cleanups and recycling collections, grant programs, trainings, and annual state conference

MAKE A DIFFERENCE MONDAY  50 billion plastic water bottles are sold in the U.S. yearly and yet only 23% are recycled. Choose reusable drink containers instead of single-use plastic ones. Post a video or photo of you and your reusable bottle with #LoveTheBoot.

TAKE-IN TUESDAY  Individuals produce 1.6 lbs. more waste each day than they did in the 1960s. Reduce how much waste you consume. Rather than getting take-out food with Styrofoam, plastic or throwaway containers, make dinner at home. Post a video or photo of your delicious home-cooked meal or recipe with #LoveTheBoot.

CLEAN WATER WEDNESDAY  80% of marine litter comes from land-based sources. Litter is harmful to marine life and pollutes the waters. Help reduce litter in our waterways by removing it from roadways. Post a video or photo of your litter cleanup with #LoveTheBoot.

THRIFTY THURSDAY  An average family takes home almost 1,500 plastic shopping bags a year, none of which are recyclable. Use reusable cloth bags instead of plastic bags when shopping. Post a video or photo of your favorite reusable bag with #LoveTheBoot.

STRAW-FREE FRIDAY  Because straws are too small and lightweight to be recycled, they often end up in landfills, in the street, or directly in waterways. Straws will disintegrate into smaller bits of plastic, more easily consumable by birds and marine wildlife. If you don’t need a straw, don’t use one or use a plastic alternative one. Post a video or photo of your strawless drink with #LoveTheBoot.

STORM DRAIN SATURDAY  Litter and debris often are carried by wind or rain into storm drains, clogging them and causing street flooding. Post a video or photo of you cleaning out a storm drain with #LoveTheBoot.

SUSTAINABLE SUNDAY  An average American produces 4.6 lbs. of waste each day. Reduce your footprint by purchasing sustainable, reclaimed, or recycled items and clothing. Post a video or photo of you shopping sustainably with #LoveTheBoot.

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