DIY Fireman Costume for Halloween

Happy Thursday and on my Craft table is some fun Crafts that can be used as a costume or playwear. So lets have some fun and get crafty…. Lisa

Fireman Hat :

Supplies needed:

  • Red paint
  • Paint brush
  • Black marker
  • Yellow sticky foam
  • Scissors

How to make your Firefighter Hat Craft:

  1. Paint the paper plate red.
  2. Cut the paper plate as shown.
  3. Trim the edges so the cut part resembles a firefighter hat as shown.
  4. Cut a small shield from the yellow sticky foam.
  5. Write a number on the shield with the black marker.
  6. Stick the shield on the hat as shown.

Fire Truck Box:


  • Diaper box or a similar shaped box
  • Red spray paint
  • Construction paper, card stock, or even wrapping paper , white, black, and yellow) or paint
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Ribbon (for the straps)
  • Plastic cups (for the headlights)

Take the box outside and spray paint in bright read ( you can also cover in red paper) let dry. Add details to your truck with white, yellow, and black paper. To make it look like a fire truck. After finished punch two wholes on each side and add ribbon for straps.

I finished the costume with a simple White t shirt and Black or Kaki pants.

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