Book Review: Death by Arts and Crafts

As the newest member of the Snowberry Creek City Council, perpetually overextended Abby McCree is picked to liaise between the council and the new planning committee for the town’s first ever arts and crafts fair. As far as gigs go, it’s a fun one—Abby’s spending the weekend tooling around Washington State, checking out similar fairs with her two besties, coffee shop owner Bridey Roker, and ceramic artisan Dayna Fisk.

As Abby spreads the word about Snowberry Creek’s fair, recruiting the industry’s biggest movers and makers, the trip feels like a glittering success. But then, someone is found murdered at one of the events and vendors begin disappearing amid suspicious circumstances. Abby’s determined to keep her hands clean, until Dayna finds herself stuck at the top of the suspect list. Now, Abby must weave the clues together and clear her friend’s name before the killer claims another victim—maybe even Abby herself .

Book Pick:

Death by Arts and Crafts by Alexis Morgan has Abby McCree once again in the thick of things. What looks to be a delightful trip checking out other craft fair so that the community of Snowberry Creek can plan their own leads to a murder investigation at one of the fair. Abby’s friend in a suspect so what’s a woman to do but play amateur sleuth to find the real culprit.

This is a fun cozy mystery read with visiting of the arts and crafts fairs around with Abby and her friends. Part of the pleasure of reading this story was the friendship between the women. Of course the mystery is solved, the murderer caught without graphic violence or gore. Perfect for a cozy by the fire winter read dreaming of craft fairs to come.

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