Book Review: The ChopChop Family Cookbook

From the creators of the popular ChopChop Family magazine, this colorful cookbook features more than 150 recipes and cooking tips that make it fun and easy for families and kids to learn to cook and enjoy delicious, nutritious, affordable meals together. 

This colorful, easy-to-follow, beginner cookbook from ChopChop Family magazine, a James Beard award-winning publication with a mission to get families to cook real food together, features more than 250 recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Specially designed to appeal to both adults and kids in budget- and time-strapped families, the recipes include favorites like Overnight Oatmeal, Double Vegetable Fried Rice, Free-Form Lasagna, and One-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream, along with simple cooking and meal-prep instructions. The book is packed with inspiring introductions to popular whole foods, such as All About Carrots (or Broccoli or Kale!); kitchen skills, such as How to Chop an Onion or Cook Rice (and why brown rice is better than white rice); Mix & Match charts (sandwiches, smoothies, and beyond); and nutrition sidebars (What Are Omega-3’s Anyway?). Every page of this rich resource is designed to help families develop the know-how and confidence to cook with whole foods and enjoy the many benefits of making and eating homemade meals together.

ARC Book Review:

I was not familier with Chop Chop Family magazine. But this was a fresh, colorful, inviting cook book! There are so many compelling ideas – accessible, appealing, and joyfully doable. The explanations take just the right tone, so that children and their grownups will fall in love with cooking while learning both techniques and nutrition wisdom. I can’t wait to try some of these dishes myself. And I will be checking out the magazine.

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