Thursday Easter Crafts:

I am using Wooden Egg blanks :

You can buy them from your local Dollar store or craft section in any big box store.

Easter Rabbit :

I sketch out my design with a pencil. Then put down the bass coats of paint in bands. Let dry. Then I painted my rabbit – after dried I painted the face .With a black marker I outlined the rabbit. Then using Zig Zag Scissor i cut out white strips and glued on. Add sequines and stickers on.After Egg is completely dry. Seal with a light coat of Mod podge.

Paper Decorated Egg :

Sketch out placement for color bands. Paint and let dry. Have fun using punches and decorate Scissor to make added decorations. Add a little sparkle with sequins. Glue on and let dry completely. When done Seal with Mod Podge.

How to use them ?

I use them on my front door with an added hanger and ribbon. Or you can put them on a stand with your Easter display.

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