Kids Crafts : Dying Eggs with Shaving Cream

Welcome to my Saturday in Melville, La. Today we are having our annual Easter Egg Hunt and festival. One of the things we are doing is letting the kids dye eggs. Here I am showing a fun way to use Shaving Cream and Food Dye to dye eggs and paper.

In the Bowl:

  • shaving Cream – any type
  • Food Dye ( I used glitter type)
  • Egg (Boiled)
  • vinegar or rubbing alcohol

Boiled your eggs. And For each egg, rub a small amount of rubbing alcohol over entire surface to prime it for ink absorption.

Place sharing cream in container and add food dye.

Take your eggs and roll into the food dye. The longer you leave in dye darker will the egg be.

You can use this way of dying on about anything . This example is using white scrapbook paper but you can also use white cloth. .

You can also use this basic method to dye eggs with Sharpies or alcohol ink.

Since eggshells are porous, if you use rubbing alcohol the hard boiled eggs won’t be editable since it might seep through the egg shell.  If you don’t want to waste the egg yolk you can make a tiny hole in both the top and the bottom of the raw egg and blow out the inside egg yolk.  Use the egg yolk for making scrabbled eggs. {wink}  Then color the hallow egg shells just for fun, confetti eggs, or home decoration.

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