Herb garden – not just for eating

My herb garden I grow in an old container I found.  It was perfect for this use since it was already damaged. Filled with soil and plants and let grow. It's placed at my front door so I can go out and pinch what I need. Lisa What do you do with the over abunce … Continue reading Herb garden – not just for eating

Camilla tree

My Mom s Camilla tree that my grandmother planted years ago. Mom is wanting it removed. I took graphs and trying to regrow the pant so I can grow it in my yard. We tried  to dig it up the tree  but it was in bad shape and couldn't be moved. Wish me luck that … Continue reading Camilla tree

Do You Color? Adult Coloring Books

Do you Color ? Adult Color books is a 12 million dollar industry - Everyone has a diffrent reason why - But I do it t Relax -  Here are some great color books to try - Some of my favorite images to color is floral .  Lisa ;. Kristy’s Spring Cutting Garden: A Watercoloring … Continue reading Do You Color? Adult Coloring Books

Book Spotlight- Blue Dahlia

Perfect for Book Club Tuesday !  Since we are talking this week about the great outdoors-   Buy from Amazon Against the backdrop of a house steeped in history and a thriving new gardening business, three women unearth the memories of the past in the first novel in #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora … Continue reading Book Spotlight- Blue Dahlia

Mom’s flowers

Flowers from my Mom yard! My Mom and Dad are the true farmers in our family. There yard is prize winning and a joy to look at. Iam trying this year with some flower seeds planted in my planters. Keeping my fingers crossed they come up - l enjoy having flowers in the house. Lisa

My Knock-out roses

Spring in My Yard ! And My  Knock out roses are in bloom - Easiest roses I have ever grown Lisa     Introduced in 2000, 'Knockout' rose quickly became the best-selling landscape plant in the country. It had everything — showy, continuous blooms; compact growth habit; tough-as-nails constitution; and, best of all, no need … Continue reading My Knock-out roses

Spring  Wildflowers

Wildflowers is a flower that grows in the wild. Meaning it was not intentionally seeded or planted. These beautiful flowers just pop up along the road for people to enjoy. Lisa

Spring time- Daylilies

Welcome Spring ! We start a new celebrating  the joy of Spring time - flowers, warm weather,crafts ,recipes and books. Monday's post is all about - the perfect Perennial in my yard. Daylilies       The Perfect Perennial" from Wikipedia  The daylily is often called "the perfect perennial", due to its brilliant colors, ability … Continue reading Spring time- Daylilies


I stamped this on Watercolor paper and painted this. A winning combo. Lisa