My Mom’s Favorite things

Today is Friday ! Some of my Mom favorite things begin with the letter F- Family  - Yesterday  our family had a special day. My Mom great grandson came to visit. It was nice to Welcome the next generation to the family home. It;s been a long time since we had a new baby -my [...]

Hello ! May

Hello ! May The fifth month of the year - May is named after the Greek goddess Maia / and the Roman goddess  Bona Dea goddess of fertility and Spring. Pеорlе whо аrе bоrn in May are more lіkеlу tо асhіеvе hіghеr success and mоrе lоvе in their lіfе. Evеn though іt’ѕ mostly a relative [...]

Happy Friday -Crafters! Today on my Craft Table  Using my Unity Stamp Co. -stamp ,flowers and paper from  Graphic 45 paper set. What are you working on today?

Candles Making gifts

Do you make Candles? I bought a kit a little while ago and enjoyed it.  When I found these cute little metal watering cans I was set to go - A wick and some melted wax in the microwave and you have a fun easy gift. For Mothers Day I used roses I dried in [...]

Herb garden – not just for eating

My herb garden I grow in an old container I found.  It was perfect for this use since it was already damaged. Filled with soil and plants and let grow. It's placed at my front door so I can go out and pinch what I need. Lisa What do you do with the over abunce [...]

Camilla tree

My Mom s Camilla tree that my grandmother planted years ago. Mom is wanting it removed. I took graphs and trying to regrow the pant so I can grow it in my yard. We tried  to dig it up the tree  but it was in bad shape and couldn't be moved. Wish me luck that [...]

Do You Color? Adult Coloring Books

Do you Color ? Adult Color books is a 12 million dollar industry - Everyone has a diffrent reason why - But I do it t Relax -  Here are some great color books to try - Some of my favorite images to color is floral .  Lisa ;. Kristy’s Spring Cutting Garden: A Watercoloring [...]