By Request – Carrots

As requested by  fellow blogger and foodie    – Check Out her site at    A Honey-Sweet Little House

Glazed Carrots

1/4 c Catalina Dressing

1 lb baby carrots

2 tbs almonds toasted

2 tbls spoon parsley chopped

In a large skillet -Pour dressing over carrots -Cover Cook 10 minutes. Remove from Heat and  ADD almonds and Parsley.

No Thanksgiving feast would be complete without this dish !

Cooper Pennies

  • Can be served Hot or Cold!

5 cups of Carrots’ /sliced round

1 med onion sliced round

1 bell pepper

1 cans tomato soup

¼ c sugars

¼ c vinegar

½ salad oil

1 tsp Worchester sauce

1 tsp prepared mustered

1 tsp salt and black pepper

Cook carrots until tender. Drain. Add onion, bell pepper to carrots. In  a sauce pan  add  remaining and cook until Hot. Pour sauce over Carrots, onion and bell pepper. Store in refrigerator,



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