Happy Father’s In Law Day

Today is Monday !

And its all about Me today & my post is about my other family . My hubbies family : 



You might not know a few facts about me . After finishing college here in Louisiana. I went to the Midwest to work and meet my husband. He’s from Ohio and born in the United States from parents from China / Hong Kong. They have a close knit family that all have  worked together in a restaurant and bar for many years in Ohio.   But made sure there kids went to college so they had a better life and opportunity. 

My hubby moved away from home for college and a job which is where we meet.  I was a little scared when we first meet (language ) but they accepted me with opens arms. And  I made do with the language and was drawn into the family with love and acceptance. And always made sure they included  favorite food and drinks  on the menu  so I felt Welcome even if I missed the jokes and part of the conversation around me. Yes- At the time I was the only non Asian at the family table. 

But they  introduced me to a wonderful culture  & way of life that;s not that much different then what I was use to at home –

  • A close loving family
  • That always had each others back
  • Food is always important (rice) -shared together at a table filled with love .
  • Acceptance of others
  • willing to help others when needed.

So today I am wishing my 

老爺 (lou5 je4)  a happy day  !!!  Lisa Jung


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