Watercolor Basic * Christmas Cards

Today I am exploring some water color Christmas cards . I purchased these from Taylor-ed Expressions.com  and had an enjoyable evening painting these to be used in Christmas cards or made into tags for presents. If you dont have water colors you can use markers or pencils .

The Basics : You can purchase a budget-friendly watercolor set at most big box store or hobby  store. . Sometimes the less expensive colors need more water to get the colors flowing and give you a real watercolor consistency, so don’t be afraid to add lots of water at first if your paints appear opaque. Watercolors should have a transparent quality to them, so to make a lighter color all you need to do it add more water. 

These holiday  cards are printed on water color paper.  Which makes them 
  perfect for this type of paintings.    This  paper feature irregular surface textures which are pleasing to paint on.-making it hold up to the wet paint. Always a concern when using watercolors. 

My first step was doing  the larger areas.first with  water color.  And than  use watercolor pencils or marker for smaller sections. Like wording or small accents. Lisa 

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