Mardi Gras Parades :

Happy Monday ! Mardi Gras Eve – and today’s post – So you dont want to do Mardi Gras in New Orleans ? Options ?



Most Louisiana cities and towns have a celebration- some small or large whatever your pick. Shreveport, Lake Charles, and Lafayette all have large ones but most small towns also hols them. New Roads has one of the oldest ones in Louisiana.


Home to the first Mardi Gras in the United States, the “bonne temps” have been rolling in this Gulf Coast city since 1703. This rich history is celebrated with dozens of parades and special events over a two-week period leading up to Fat Tuesday (Feb. 28 in 2017). Tour the Mobile Carnival Museum for a look at the gowns, crowns, scepters and robes of the city’s Mardi Gras Kings and Queens.

Biloxi, Miss. ( one of my favorites)

N’awlins and other Louisiana Mardi Gras celebrations have nothing on their Mississippi neighbors to the east — where from Pascagoula to Bay St. Louis, cities and towns along Highway 90 throw Fat Tuesday celebrations that rank among the most festive anywhere. Biloxi, home to the Gulf Coast Carnival Association, is the center of festivities along the Coast, and its King d’Iberville and Queen Ixolib serve as official royalty of the Gulf Coast Mardi Gras. The city hosts 24 parades and parties aplenty. If you go, take time to visit Biloxi’s Mardi Gras Museum, which traces the 300-year history of Mardi Gras on the Gulf Coast.

Galveston, Texas

Texas is well-known for doing things up big — and the 106th annual Mardi Gras celebration on Galveston Island will be no exception. It’s the Lone Star State’s largest Mardi Gras and it’s said to be one of the largest in the nation — boasting 22 parades, 30 concerts, 5 elegant masked balls and who knows how many parties. The extravagance of it all can be measured in beads — organizers claim more than 3 million of them will be thrown during the two weeks of festivities.

Pensacola, Fla. ( famous Spring Break destination)

Although it’s not widely observed in the Sunshine State, Mardi Gras is a major event in Pensacola and has been celebrated there since 1874. In fact, the Grand Mardi Gras Parade (on Feb. 25 this year) is downtown Pensacola’s largest annual event, drawing some 6,000 participants and attracting more than 100,000 spectators.

St. Louis

It might seem a surprise that one of the nation’s biggest Mardi Gras celebrations takes place in this Midwestern city, but it’s a legacy thing, linked to the founding of St, Louis by French fur traders back in 1764. French customs and traditions live on here (the fleur-de-lis serves as the city seal) and the Soulard District is always ready for a Mardi Gras bash come February. There are parades, of course, with the biggie being the Bud Light Grand Parade on Feb. 25, but a long list of fun events takes place in the weeks leading up to Fat Tuesday. Among them is the Beggin’ Barkus Pet Parade (North America’s largest animal parade), a softball tournament, a 5K run, a wine and beer tasting, and a variety of culinary events including a Cajun cook-off. 

The other option stay home  and be warm/dry and catch the parade on You Tube or Travel network. And through yourself a watch party !  Lisa 

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