Valentine Gifts

Today on my Craft Table – a gift for the young at heart :

Re Using Crayons :

I have an old box of crayons from years past and thought I would reuse them into something new.

These silicon heart molds came from the candy making aisle. And perfect to hold broken crayons that need to be melted in the oven .

Put Molds in Oven and Start Melting Crayons

  1. Turn the oven on. It should be preheated to 200-275°F (94-135°C).
  2. Put on an oven mitt and place a baking sheet into the oven. Place the muffin tins ( molds) on it. Let the crayons melt for 10-20 minutes or until the melting is done. …
  3. Once they melt, switch off the oven.Let Cool. And Un Mold.

Crayon Heart :

Crafting Tip:

I use these heart molds for lots of different things – wax,soap or lotion but never food. Since they are pink I know these are my craft mold and I keep them with my craft supplies. (Stay safe by marking your crafts supplies so you don’t confuses them with your regular kitchen supplies) . Lisa

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