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This Thursday on my craft table I am exploring all the ways to use honey and bees in crafts. September is national honey month. So here some suggestions to make this month sweet like honey : Candles ( Honey / Beeswax) Beeswax Candles Ingredients 1 lb pure  beeswax. (or you can buy pellets) 1/2 cup coconut [...]

Indoor Kitchen Gardening Handbook:

Wed Garden book

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Projects & Inspiration to Grow Food Year-Round – Herbs, Salad Greens, Mushrooms, Tomatoes & More 

Named one of the Best Gardening Books of 2014 by theChicago Tribune,Indoor Kitchen Gardeningis about creating a sense of play and nourishment. It takes just a few dollars and a few days for you to start enjoying fresh, healthy produce grown indoors in your own home.TheIndoor Kitchen Gardening Handbookis amore compact, giftable edition of the originalbook and offers tons of great growing information in a smaller package.

Imagine serving a home-cooked meal highlighted with beet, arugula, and broccolimicrogreens grown right in your kitchen, accompanied by sautéed winecap mushrooms grown in a box of sawdust in your basement. If you have never tasted microgreens, all you really need to do is envision all the flavor of an entire vegetable plant concentrated into a single tantalizing seedling. If you…

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Wed Cozy Mystery time

Wed Cozy Mystery

Lisa Everyday Reads

Wednesday is my day to feature : Cozy Mystery stories on my blog :

Gourd to Death (A Pie Town Mystery Book 5) 

This Halloween, pie shop proprietor Val Harris must patch together clues to solve a murder by pumpkin . . .
As the owner of Pie Town, Val’s been tapped to judge the pie making contest at the annual pumpkin festival in the coastal California town of San Nicholas. Things could get sticky though—her boyfriend, cop Gordon Carmichael, is entering the competition with his “special” family pumpkin pie recipe. But Val’s got bigger problems than a conflict of interest when she and her flaky piecrust-maker Charlene discover another contestant crushed under an enormous pumpkin.
When grudge-holding Chief Shaw comes up with a half-baked reason to toss Carmichael off the case and onto the suspect list, it’s up to Val and Charlene to find the tricky killer…

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Food Blog * Honey Cake

On my food blog is my delious Honey Cake . I recipe lent to me from my cousin David it's the perfect celebration cake for the Jewish New Year that begins Friday evening. Known in Hebrew as ʿougat dvash (literally, honey cake) the word lekach is Yiddish. Lekach is one of the symbolically significant foods traditionally [...]