Rose is a Rose

Today Garden spot is all about growing Roses . I love Roses and one of the things I have planted is some New roses in reembrace of my Dad. One valentine he gifted me with roses plants for a gift and included planting them. Can’t see my Roses without thinking of him. So today don’t be afraid – go out and plant some roses….. Lisa

Red Knock Out Roses :

Knock Out roses are easy to grow, not requiring much care. They are very disease resistant, too, which adds to their appeal. Their bloom cycle is about every five to six weeks. The Knock Out roses are known as “self-cleaning” roses, so there is no real need to deadhead them. A just plant them and forget them type of plant.

Read more at Gardening Know How: How To Take Care Of Knock Out Roses

What is the difference between knockout roses and regular roses?

Location. Double Knockout Roses usually only reaches between 3 and 4 feet tall, making it an easy shrub to fit into small garden spaces. Additionally, these roses grow well in rows or groups. … Although Knockout Roses are hardier than the regular rose, they are still only viable in USDA Hardiness Zones 5 through 10.

Hardy in Louisiana :

a. Shade – Mermaid, Knock Out

b. Survivor Instinct – Old Blush, Mrs. B R Cant, Souvenir de St. Anne, Cramoisi Superieur, Napoleon, Knock Out, Isabella Sprunt, Mrs. Dudley Cross, Duchesse de Brabant, Ann Olivier, Gilbert Nabonnand, Barn Dance, April Moon, Folksinger, Vincent Godsif

 Best Fragrance – Duchesse de Brabant, Abraham Darby, Darrows Enigma b. Most Fragrant Hybrid Teas: Mr. Lincoln, Double Delight, Fragrant Cloud, Eiffel Tower, Lemon Spice

Best Container Rose – Cecile Brunner, Perle d’Or, the Knock Outs, Lindee, Drifts, Lavender Pink, International Herald tribune

Most Versatile Rose – Don Juan, Belinda’s Dream, Double Knock Out, Double Pink Knock Out

Easiest to Grow Roses ?

Sally Holmes – This climbing rose produces creamy white blooms that are blushed with pink. Averaging about 8-10 feet (3 m.), this easy-care rose is hardy in zones 6-9.

Little Mischief – This is a beautiful shrub rose with deep pink blooms having a white eye, fading to hot pink. Reaching only 24 inches (60 cm.) at maturity, it is great not only for beginner gardeners but those having little space. This little beauty is perfect for containers too and hardy in zones 4-9. Flower Carpet Pink – A fairly low-growing ground cover rose reaching heights around 24-32 inches (60-80 cm.) with bright pink blooms, you’ll find this hardy plant suitable for growing in zones 5-10.

Bathsheba – Another climber suitable to zones 5-9, this lovely rose plant needs lots of room in the garden, climbing up to 10 feet (2-3 m.) in height. It produces copious blooms of apricot-pink and soft yellow.

Cinco de Mayo – Get ready to celebrate with this spectacular Floribunda beauty! This shrub rose grows to around 4 feet (1 m.) with rusty reddish-orange blooms. The plant is hardy in zones 7-9.

Double Delight – Rose blooms are always lovely but double flowers are even better. This hybrid tea variety produces double creamy white blooms blushed with rosy red. The bush gets anywhere from 3-4 feet (1 m.) and is hardy in zones 6-9.

Ebb Tide – Another Floribunda rose known for its ease of care, the Ebb Tide produces blooms that are a deep plum-purple. It’s hardy in zones 6-9 and can get quite large at 6-9 feet (2 m.)

. Red Eden – The red flowers of this 7- to 10-foot (2-3 m.) climber is sure to capture the attention of anyone nearby, especially pollinators. Suitable for zones 6-9.

Scentimental – The name says it all…you’ll quickly become sentimental for this beautiful Floribunda rose. It produces fragrant creamy white blooms splashed with burgundy. Gardeners in zones 5-9 can enjoy this 3- to 4 foot (1 m.) plant.

Double Knock-Out – Knock Out roses are always a gardener’s favorite, known and loved for their beautiful blooms and low maintenance. This one goes one step further with exceptional double blooms of cherry red. Reaching an overall height of 4 foot (1 m.), it’s a good choice for warmer regions of zones 8-9.

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” (Quote from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

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