Home Today : Water fun

Hello Everyone ! Thanks for stopping bye this Hot and Humid Tuesday . The perfect time to have some backyard fun with Water. With Louisiana cases of COVID on the rise here in Louisiana-we are skipping the normal big waterparks fpr the Summer and turning our backyard into a fun Waterpark for the kids. Lisa

Slip and Slide: old fashion simple one or a fancy inflatables. Have fun and be safe.

Water Slide Safety Rules
DO NOT enter inflatable unless attendant is on duty!

Follow attendant or operator instructions at all times.

Remove all sharp and pointed objects before entering.

Remove shoes, eyeglasses, and jewelry before entering.

No food, gum, drinks, pets, or sprays inside unit.

No tumbling, flipping, wrestling, chasing, or piling on others.

No rough play inside inflatable units.

No unevenly matched users. ONLY Adults with Adults and Children with Children.

If weather conditions get bad, or if the inflatable begins to deflate, stop playing, remain calm, and carefully exit the inflatable.

DO NOT use inflatables during inclement weather (rain, hale, or when winds exceed 20mph).

Only one rider sliding at a time.

Correct sliding method is seated, feet in front of you. Do Not Slide head first.

Homemade Sprinkler:

  • Sturdy Plastic Bottle ~ from our recycling bin
  • water proof tape
  • Drill
  • Garden Hose that you can tape to.

i attached the garden hose to the bottle with water proof tape.  .  Then the kids drilled a number of holes in the top and sides of the bottle.  Depending on how you want your sprinkler to shoot, will depend on where you place the holes.

Water Balloons :

Can regular balloons be used as water balloons?

You can use regular party balloons in place of water balloons, but they may not pop as readily as dedicated water-fight balloons. Water balloons tend to be smaller than air and helium balloons, and they are usually made from a thinner material.

Games to Play :

  • Water Balloon Basketball. Grab a bucket or box and take turns throwing the water balloons in the bucket. …
  • Water Balloon Baseball. You‘ll need a baseball bat for this game. …
  • Water Balloon Squat Race. …
  • Duck, Duck, Splash. …
  • Water Balloon Ring Toss. …

Thanks for Cooling Off with Me and next week I will start my homeschool post on Tuesdays… Lisa

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