Lesson From Home : School Room

Welcome tp my Tuesday ! This August as we get ready to go back to school here in Louisiana some families have decided to do school at home. Today’s post is all about set up a spot for your child to atted school . It can be an used dining room or in my case an office but having the right tools and set up makes school simpler and fun.

Turn your Dining Room into a School room:

Have a dining room that you use only on Holidays. It makes a great schoolroom. You can use the whole room or just a corner of the roomto store supplies in.

Need School bins,baskets and decorations : Check out your local Dollar Tree school section or Dollar Store for supplies. Also local Thrift Stores are a great option.

Corner Space:

Perfect for more than one student when you are limited on space. Have a builder in the family -the perfect weekend project and learning experience to build these desk. Need Plans or Help : https://www.protoolguide.com/amazing-diy-l-shaped-desk-plans/

School House :

Student headphones https://www.coolmomtech.com/2021/08/best-affordable-headphones-students-kids-teeens/

Exercise Balls for sitting:

Human Kinetics has reported that when exercise balls were placed in a classroom of children with autism for ten minutes a day, three days a week, the balls actually improved student behavior while they were seated. In fact, the source found that attention to subject matter by between 25 and 80 percen

Carts, Shelves and white board :

You can use a whiteboard planner to keep you organized.

Small Space challenges:

If you are in a small space or limited wall space- rolling carts are a great tool/

  1. Transform a closet (or kitchen cabinet)
  2. Use rolling carts.
  3. Take advantage of the wall.
  4. Try a portable file folder.
  5. Laminate all the things.
  6. Go vertical with storage, too.
  7. Use a wall mount folding desk.

No matter how much room you have to work with, teach your kids this rule to become a master at homeschool organization: shelve it, hide it, store it.

  1. Homeschool items that are pretty and neat (ie. a book), go on shelves.
  2. If it’s messy or has many little pieces it gets “hidden” in a cupboard.
  3. Yet to be used, or dangerous for little kids? It gets stored in Rubbermaid totes in the garage.

Check Out My School Lunch post tomorrow on Lisa Food Blog. See you then… Lisa

3 thoughts on “Lesson From Home : School Room

  1. Wow, you are so impressively organized! I love the idea of using the dining room. When we were homeschooling (both are college graduates now!), we didn’t have dedicated space. Your space is amazing.

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