Let’s shop in our own closet

There may be a great many reasons for the wardrobe problem, but this is what the symptoms look like:
1 The time spent by the closet irritates you. You are one of those people who want to spend their brainpower on cryptos or on planting roses, while looking first-rate.

2 You’ve become environmentally concerned. The army of planet-defenders is your best friend. You are top-rate at clearing your closet, but have no idea what to do with emptiness.

3 Torture. Every time you are invited to go out there it is. You are tormented by trying to build a look and the result is that you wear the same look over and over again. The change of seasons may be quite an agony for some people too. It’s because you have just managed and adapted to one, just barely put together a couple of looks and wham! Here comes spring. You’ve nothing against spring; you were even waiting for it. But now you have to go through the whole painful process again and come up with some new outfits. All in all, your closet is full and happy and you feel lonely.

4 Somewhere deep down, you feel that it is much more convenient not to change anything; it is easier to simply complain and leave everything as it is. So you are in denial and your brain conveniently provides a very convincing idea that “you can’t solve the wardrobe problem without $.”

5 You are shy, thinking that style is only for the slim and fit to make them even more perfect. These are in a minority. The rest of us realize that style is a friend of regular women who laugh a lot and are dappled with expression lines; who swell up in the mornings and see red streaks on their face; who have no stamina for a healthy diet, lymphatic drainage exercises or jogging.

6 You may be spontaneous. It seems you had a list when you started shopping, but, somehow or other, it just got away from you. What you’d really like is a wardrobe that is pretty and small.

Personally, I was close to problems # 3 and 6. Shopping did not produce beauty for me and I kept doing it over and over. I kept hitting the same button, so the money just kept pouring away. The best thing was – I did not give up! I kept running after yet another top, even though the result was exactly nil.

Yes, most people do just that. Chaos in the closet is the spring board to good appearance. The closet disappoints, but it also gets the person ready for the idea that you really do have to study the laws of style. It is hard, it’s almost unbearable, but it’s got to be done. There are classes. Even though, in the end, they scare you off even worse. After all, they make you rob yourself of an enormous amount of time, and not just yourself, but your family and all the things you love to do.

That is why, sometimes, you can trust someone else. Me, for example. You don’t know me; it is unclear why you should pay me, but I have studied all aspects of fighting chaos in the closet for nine years. I worked out all the ins and outs of taming an unruly wardrobe and now I inspire people to build capsules.

Going to a stylist is a good solution, but it’s like tossing a coin: you might become prettier or just poorer; will your tastes be compatible? Investing in your own knowledge, on the other hand, is forever. So, those of you who want to solve their wardrobe problem – just keep reading.

First, let me tell you a truth. Solving the wardrobe problem requires some minimal strategy at the very beginning. It’s not hard; it’s actually fun. You have to decide, right now, to become stylish.

Your first investment is a few dollars you paid for this book. That’s all, for now. You key tools in conquering the world are YOU and your closet. We’ll analyze your wardrobe to the fullest extent, so that every element works to give you beauty and good vibes.

Now, it’s time to be surprised. The first stage in preparing to be stylish is over.

My dear ladies, this is where the fun begins!

ARC Book Review:

Not only did I thoroughly enjoy reading this book – it got me to actually sort out my closet! This is not the first book I’ve read on dealing with clothes and it is by far the nicest to read (and the easiest), as well as turning out to be the most useful one. Even though I did not worry too much about building actual capsules (I think I use them anyway), the amount of practical advice was astounding.

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