Mardi Gras Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Cajun Holiday Dish Ideas!

Who celebrates Mardi Gras, and what foods are served?

What kinds of tasty treats are in store when you visit New Orleans for a holiday?

Are Cajun and Creole dishes easy to prepare at home?

When the Mardi Gras season descends on Louisiana – and especially New Orleans – it’s a party that almost no one can resist. Much of it surrounds the treats and special dishes served during this holiday time.

The flavors of the holiday can be found even outside the state of Louisiana, but there is no better way to sample the most authentic recipes than to celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana, or to create the same dishes at home. It won’t be exactly like having drinks or catching beads in the streets of the Big Easy, but it will still be a great party!

You can make gumbo with the same type of roux they use in the Bayou, and munch on the always-popular red beans & rice. Or you could prepare crawfish dishes or gobble up crabs bathed with Cajun spices.

Hungry for dessert? Devour a piece – or two – of Mardi Gras King Cake, a sugar-sprinkled treat with a taste that’s to die for. Or, try stuffed snowballs, which are a unique treat in and of themselves.

Turn the page and learn more about the savory & sweet treats of Mardi Gras…

KU Cook Book spotlight!

The book has not only nice desserts with pecan, there are also gumbos!!! I am so happy the author include also dishes made with grits! It is a nice book with easy recipes. Some are special instant cook, good for the busy moms! I like the lay out, it is clean and appealing, well done! Breakast are tasty, particularly the one made with briovhe, but be carefull of …calories…remember in Mardi gras there is gras….

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