Monday – On Line School Day

Good Morning ! I have spent the last few days helping parents and students with school questions on my face book group. The start of a new year bring lots of new parents and questions . I am taking a break and sharing this- 


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We start every Monday with a  Bell Ringer – Bell Ringer is the early morning discussion to keep students busy while teachers take attendance –

Today’s  Bell Ringer Question is –Why are School Buses Yellow? 



Today s  post  –  a Day in Life of an on line Student.

  1. Wakes up / has Breakfast ( gets to stay in PJs)
  2. Starts his Monday at 8:30 with Homeroom Class ( Teacher / class viva web cam )
  3. Starts his computer lessons /quizzes & test
  4. Breaks /  Lunch
  5. Attends any live classes ( We use Black Board system with power points and teachers viva web cam)

My son is in high school and if you have attended any online college classes – its that set up. He needs to attend 6 hours of school work a day between all of his classes,lessons and book work.

Grades K-5 Spend less computer time and do more book work and fun projects for Art and Science Reading and PE,

One of our fun projects that combined History & Art – making paper. Fun and Easy to do with kids. 

  • Scraps of paper
  • Drying frame ( you can use a grease screen from the dollar store)
  • Water
  • Blender
  • Plastic tub (large enough for the screen to fit in)
  • Sponge
  • Two smooth rags
  • Stack of newspapers or a folded towel

What You need to do-

  1. Fill the blender jar half full with torn paper pieces.
  2. Fill the rest of the blender jar with water and put the lid on. Have an adult turn the blender on for a minute or two until all of the paper pieces are shredded and chopped up into a pulp.
  3. Pour the paper pulp into the plastic tub then refill the blender jar with warm water and pour it in the tub, too. Use your hands to mix it all together.
  4. Place screen  into the tub. The screen should be resting on the bottom of the tub. Use your hands to cover it with the pulp and spread it out evenly over the screen.
  5. Hold on to the  screen with both hands and pull it straight up out of the tub. Shake it very gently so the extra water drips back into the tub.
  6. use a sponge to soak up even more water from under the screen while you keep holding the screen.
  7. Set the screen on the stack of newspapers and rag, then press another rag over the top of your sheet of paper  to dry. Depending on temperature  of the room will depend how long it takes to dry.
  8. Lay the rag with the sheet of paper on it flat on the counter to dry. When it is completely dry, you can easily peel it off of the rag.

Need more help PBS kids

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