Scrap booking Slaying

It’s Wednesday  & If I am not crafting then I must be reading. And this book brings it all together – Scrap booking and a great book.  Check out the whole series for some great fun- Amazon author page.  




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Scrapbooking Slaying is the fourth story in the Missy DeMeanor Cozy Mystery Series, but these books can be enjoyed in any order. However, if you absolutely must begin with the first book in a series, please check out Flea Market Fatal.


Missy DeMeanor’s day off has not started well. Her truck, the one she inherited from her father, has finally died. The bookstore she works at looks closer to shutting down permanently than ever before. Her deepest, longest friendship seems to be fading.

And with the Scrapbooking Competition only a week away, she really needs to work hard at the monthly crop to finish her pages.

Little did she know these things would be the least of her concerns: Olivia Oakley, a woman that Missy used to babysit, is found murdered at the crop.

Now in her late thirties, Missy is forced to reevaluate some of her major life choices while investigating the murder of someone she’s known most her life. This time around, she’s working with the police and more specifically, the hunky, new junior detective in town. Vincent Carmine does little to hide his interest in Missy and she feels an attraction as well—does this mean it’s time for her to give up on the idea of getting back together with Tyler Brock, her high school sweetheart?

Scrapbooking Slaying is a cozy mystery with plenty of twists, turns, humor, and a little bit of romance.

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