Thursday Recipe * Shish Kabobs

Welcome to My Thursday Food Post & Fun- Did you check out our featured cozy Mystery -this is the inspiration for the next recipe – and food trip. 

Road Trip to Zeus Restaurant in Lafayette  ,La. Zeus



Zeus has deep roots that embrace the unique Mediterranean cuisine and culture … married carefully to the flavors of Louisiana that they have lovingly embraced.Don’t have a Zeusman in your life – my Hubby Recipe on the grill.


Tom’s Recipe

  • If using Bamboo skewers soak 1 hour before building
  • Cut Chicken  ( 1 inch cubes) & marinade ( ours was soy sauce marinade )
  • Cut Vegetables you will be using
  • Bell pepper,onion,mushroom,tomatoes & pineapple
  • If for a bunch -put in bowls & let people build there own or a great kid friendly project.
  • Grill on direct hear 10/15 minutes until meat is done.
  • Enjoy & make it fun tonight.   Lisa




# 9th Day – I Thank all of you that right a Killer story for fans like me. Keep up the good work.  Lisa

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