Graduation Time * May

Hello !


I can’t believe it my Son graduates this coming Monday from High School . It seems like just yesterday he started school. He will be missed  at home since moving back to Louisiana he has attended an On Line Public School from home. Charted by the state of Louisiana. We made that choice for education 6 years ago as a family & I have never regretted that choice. It was a quality education with some flexibility that was right for our family. He had attended regular public school in Michigan before that but with the quality of education in Louisiana this was a better fit.

People Asked will he be ready for college? 

Well as part of  the school Charter : He had to complete the required High school curriculum, take all state mandated test & pass ACT /SAT.  Which he did with flying colors. And has already been  accepted in College & is ready for orientation.

As being an only child & being ready for dorm life we will see. I think the biggest change will be the college life but after touring many schools this one was his choice that he felt most comfortable at. University of Louisiana @ Lafayette . : and yes they have there own swamp in the middle of campus.    Lisa


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