Book Review : Before the Ring

Know someone getting engaged ? Buy them this book:

How many times have you heard someone say, “I wish someone would have made me think about that before we got married”? Now you can help.

With wisdom, compassion, and a healthy dose of humor, William Coleman helps the person who is considering marriage to ask some of those important questions before the “big day.” Before the Ring may be one of the most helpful gifts you can give a man or woman who is considering marriage.

This revised and expanded edition brings you new chapters and 21 humorous and thought-provoking cartoons.

Net Galley Book Review :

B efore the Ring answers many questions that young adults face (teens and 20 somethings)may have as well as be a great conversation starter. It also provides a helpful guide of questions which are meant to be answered either alone or with your significant other.  A great gift to give a newly engaged couple as well as someone who is interested in marriage in the future. How well do you know your one ? Lisa

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