Tuesday ‘s Book * Amish Christmas Rmance

My Tuesday Book Spotlight * Amish Christmas Romance






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Amish Christmas Gift on SALE $0.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited – 10 inspirational Amish romances including 6 never before published

This is a sweet, clean, and inspiration Amish box set. Each romance tells a complete story and can be read by all ages.

The first four books each tell of a different kind of Christmas gift, A foundling baby that brings a couple together, an unexpected pregnancy, a letter from mother, a puppy. See how each couple keeps their faith to deal with what God has sent them.

His Christmas Grace – NEW is a story about a prodigal son returning and how love and faith can heal even the deepest of wounds.

A Planned Amish Marriage – NEW
I plan on marrying you to Mark King!
Emma cannot believe the words. How could her dad do this? Does she have no choice?
Emma knew her dad was tired. Since they lost her mamm everything has been too much for him. Yet this time he has gone too far!
Emma had missed her chance for marriage, she was too old… but she did not mind. Looking after her family was all that she needed. Now she is to be married to the cold newcomer with twins. She does not know what she will do.
Can Emma find love or is she destined to a lonely marriage and a broken heart?
Find out in this 10 book box set celebrating Amish life and their faith at Christmas for FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

A Time to Heal – A lonely widow comes to Faith’s Creek carrying a devastating secret.

Miriam’s Amish Dream – Can one woman’s dream bring hope and love to Faith’s Creek?

Coming Home tells the story of Grace and how a barren woman can find love and the happiness she craves.

Amish Christmas Baby – An Amish Baby is due, can the mother accept God’s gift of love?

The full list of books included:
A Sweet Christmas – NEW
Amish Christmas Gift – NEW
Amish Christmas Peace – NEW
Amish Season of Abundance – NEW
His Christmas Grace – NEW
A Time to Heal
Miriam’s Amish Dream
Coming Home
Amish Christmas Baby
A Planned Amish Marriage – NEW
Get the box set FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Lisa Thought: I had the pleasure of living around Amish country in Indiana & Michigan -and the store I worked in had Buggy parking for our Amish customer. This is a great collection of Amish books for the holiday season.  And a reflection of there life & faith. Lisa


My leaf goes out to all the farmers & gardeners who bring fresh food to our table. You are blessed with a great gift.   Lisa


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