Sunday * Battling Email

Good Morning! Sunday Reader:

Today I’m battling my Email.  Does anyone write a note or letter any more? Okay I confess it’s so easy too send and email  or text instead of sitting down and writing something. But really I got an  invite to a wedding by email . I guess i will send an email response or gift. And lets not talk about Thank You notes ( yes-MOM) that everyone hates -just text me or email a response. I can understand the last minute get together or an informal party but now people use it anytime for anything. Have bad News – send me an Email or Text. Then you are off the hook. I’m all for social media & sharing ( Love you) but really people pick up a pen.

So this Sunday I’m sitting here going through my hundreds of email I get everyday & response to a few that catches my eye. So if you send me an email -I might answer  today. Maybe –   Lisa

Emily Post Email Etiquette  Do’s & Don’t List

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What your email story?


Author: Lisa's * Everyday Life

Hi ! I"am Lisa a Wife,Mom,and blogger. Everyday Life is my way of sharing the every day things in my life. . So check back everyday I will be here with plans,recipes and projects.

One thought

  1. I miss the days of sending cards and letters. There’s just something about seeing a handwritten letter or note that makes it special and personal. Email and texts just can’t capture that. Sometimes, I think we sacrifice too much for convenience.


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