Easter Egg Hunt * The history & family tradition

Easter Egg Hunt : a family tradition

But have you considered the history around it-

The word “Easter” is thought to come from the Teutonic goddess of springtime Eostre, who was commonly associated with rabbits thanks to their connection with fertility; early Germanic cultures believed that Eostre and her egg-laying rabbits heralded the beginning of spring.

The egg was a symbol of the rebirth of the earth in pre-Christian celebrations of spring. However, the Easter egg itself was defined by early Christians as an Easter symbol of the resurrection of Jesus: the egg symbol was likened to the tomb from which Christ arose.

No Matter the ancient history its fun –  and for us a family tradition.

These Pictures are taken at the Thomasson family farm – my cousin host a large family Crawfish bowl & Easter family party every year. Then we have a family egg hunt with all the kids. This is from years  past but we are going om our 14th year & plans are made for this Friday.  Lisa

Vacaion Pics 04_05and06_2007 041.JPG


Vacaion Pics 04_05and06_2007 056.JPG

Vacaion Pics 04_05and06_2007 051.JPG

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