Planning for Mardi Gras

The big party is next Tuesday ! planning to attend ? Thought about it? Have questions?

Some of my favorite parades are coming up.
  • Mardi Gras Is a Religious Holiday… And a Family Affair
  •  Carnival Veterans Go Long, Not Hard
  • You Can Wear Whatever You Want
  • It’s The “Greatest Free Show on Earth”
  • Mansions Line the Parade Route, and Some Are Beckoning (New Orleans UpTown)
  • Whatever You Do, Don’t Pick up the Beads: Not only is this practice gross — as you can imagine, the streets aren’t in the most pristine condition during the height of the celebrations — it may also end up putting you in the path of an oncoming parade float.
  • Get Uptown : The traditional route begins uptown, about 3.5 miles up St. Charles Avenue from Canal Street, that is. While Canal Street’s downtown tends to be overcrowded and over-drunk, its true pageantry comes to life the further up this street you get. Crowds are more evenly distributed, house parties are close at hand and the barricades that make life downtown miserable all but vanish. Here, the streets are open and parade-goers can walk right up to carnival floats for a better chance at some of the most prized “throws.”
  • Plan Your Escape from parades and town.
  • Don’t Mess With the Parade Route — or the Police
  • Be Prepared to Party

New Orleans is maybe the most famous for Mardi Gras . But parades and party’s can be found all over Louisiana.

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