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The celebration of New Orleans continues and the heat is turned up when Claire Boudreaux returns home from college and finds herself torn between her father’s best friend, Baxter, with whom she has a mutual love for New Orleans heritage and has known all of her life, and a co-worker, Jared, an accomplished investigative reporter who mentors her as she embarks on a career as a television news reporter. She loves them both, and struggles to make her own decision despite external influences. Will Claire and Baxter’s age difference and disapproving family members cause her to choose Jared? When Baxter, Captain of the Krewe of Sancus, becomes embroiled in a scandal involving corrupt city officials, will Claire wash her hands forever of him and his Carnival activities and political machinations, or will he become the captain of her heart? Come back to The Big Easy where the good times continue to roll.




Frank Borne has authored numerous non-fiction books and short essays concerning Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, history and politics, and served as editor of The West Bank Beacon, a good-news community newspaper, for three and one half years. In 2012, he self-published his first novel, But for the Grace of God, and in 2013, Astraea Press (now CleanReads) released his novel Fame and Misfortune, which he re-released in 2017. In 2014, Beau Coup Publishing released The Captain and the Queen, the precursor to The Captain of Her Heart and Forever Her Captain.

Borne serves as Chief Deputy Clerk of Court with the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court’s Office in Gretna, Louisiana, where he has been employed since 1994. He graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with a bachelor’s degree in government and a minor in history, and lives in Marrero, Louisiana, with his wife Schlise.


My Interview with Frank Borne : 
1. How did you get started with your writing career? Why this gender? Why Mardi Gras?

I’ve always loved writing, and in the early 2000s wrote numerous non-fiction essays and books regarding local history.  Then I decided in 2011 to write a novel.  The first was But for the Grace of God, a family conflict story whose themes are forgiveness and reconciliation.  After that one, I drew on my experiences of having lost a lot of weight (I grew up heavy, then managed to lose 140 pounds) to write Fame and Misfortune.  It’s considered a sweet romance of contemporary fiction.  Since I was active in a Mardi Gras krewe, having been a member then secretary and president, I had a lot of exposure to the behind-the-scenes activities of Carnival.  It inspired my romance trilogy The Captain and the Queen, The Captain of Her Heart, and Forever Her Captain, which I just completed.  I enjoyed showcasing New Orleans and the side of Mardi Gras most people never experience.

Tell us about your book series? Something not generally known?

2.  The Mardi Gras trilogy is about a krewe captain, Baxter Edwards, who falls in love with his best friend’s daughter, Claire Boudreaux, the young woman he selects to serve as queen. Not only does their inter-generational relationship and disapproving family pose challenges, but Baxter is in a battle with a rival krewe captain, Newton Lavoisier, who is determined to destroy New Orleans’ smaller clubs so that he may maximize his profiteering from Carnival. As their conflict grows, corrupt city officials become involved, gaining the attention of the U.S. Attorney.  As Claire embarks on her career following college, a co-worker and accomplished investigative reporter, Jared Blackwood, tries to win her heart, even if it means exposing Baxter’s ties to nefarious activities.  In the series, the reader is treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the work that goes into staging Carnival parades.
Future book plans?
I know your very busy -between work -family and writing? How do you find time to write?
I have two ideas for future books, one dealing with extreme coastal erosion and the negative consequences of the government and weather forecasters being able to predict more than a month in advance of a storm where landfall will occur.  The other is about the U.S.’ tricentennial being marred by a loss of all digital data due to terrorist activities.

I find time to write in the evenings after supper, usually while sitting in front of the television.  Writing is one of my hobbies, and although I belong to some organizations, I’m not out of the house much in the evening.

Okay some fun questions ? Coffee or Tea?  Favorite Meal? Cake or Pie?

5.  Coffee definitely.  I eat just about anything and love to have dinner parties where I prepare dishes I learned from watching the Food Network.  Cake…and one of my hobbies is baking.  I bake often and bring them to work where I share them with our office’s many departments and the security guards.

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