May’s Freebie Fair! 42 FREE Books for a LIMITED TIME!

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May’s Freebie Fair! 42 FREE Books for a LIMITED TIME!

If you’re looking for free books and a way to connect with new and exciting authors, you’ve come to the right place! Visit this link and you’ll be able to select up to 42 FREE BOOKS!

Sneak a peek at a couple of books in this event:

Excerpt of BETWEEN BREATHS by Alexa Padgett


I stared into those beautiful blue eyes. The tightness eased. Breathing wasn’t a chore. “I’m not saying tomorrow will be better.”

Her lips flipped up in a sardonic smile. “It’s possible tomorrow will be worse. This is hospice after all.”

“I’m expecting worse.” I tilted my head back and groaned. “I don’t want my mum’s death to drag out. Too many people are counting on me.”

“You’ll do the best you can.”

“Doesn’t feel good enough.”

“Welcome to the club. Speaking of, my…

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A Happy Mother’s Day Book #Giveaway !! 

A Happy Mother’s Day Book #Giveaway !! 

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As you all know, I spent last week at the RT Convention in Atlanta. I met some fabulous people, among them a group of Inspirational Romance authors. These ladies were so gracious that I thought Mother’s Day would be a perfect time to do a couple of giveaways to honor their writing. I haven’t read any of these books but have read others by these authors and they were fabulous. Click on the link below to enter this contest, it’s that easy!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Portrait of Emily Price-by Katherine Reay

Art restorer Emily Price has never encountered anything she can’t fix—until she meets Ben, an Italian chef, who seems just right. But when Emily follows Ben home to Italy, she learns that his family is another matter . . .

Emily Price—fix-it girl extraordinaire and would-be artist—dreams of having a gallery show of her own…

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Dear Mom,

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Life of Shae Shae!

Dear Mom,

Thank you for bringing me into your life.

Thank you for going through almost ten months of sickness, changes to your young body, mood swings, and so much more.

Thank you for going through hours and hours of pain, just to bring me into this world.

Thank you for staying up into all hours of the night, to make sure I had what I needed.

Thank you for teaching me words and gestures.

Thank you for holding my hands after I finally took my first steps.

Thank you for dealing with my terrible twos and at the same time blessing me with my first best friend.

Thank you, so much, for getting me through my first years of life.

Thank you for taking me to practice, dance classes, gymnastics, and everywhere else I went, after a long day at work.

Thank you for dealing with a bratty teenager.

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