Don’t throw out your Pringles tubes!

Don’t throw out your Pringles tubes!

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Once you pop you cant stop!

Its true we go through tons of these tubes, its probably not good for the waist line but hey ho they taste good.

I kept 5 of the tubes, however you can have any amount you like. A cluster of three look good together and I might actually add another one to mine, once I’ve eaten them!

18402702_1111115528994790_1163235568250626394_n (2)

I cut the first tube at 1.1/4 from the top of the metal rim around the base of the tube, the next one I cut at 2.1/2, then the 3rd one 3.3/4, the 4th at 5′ and the last at 6.1/4. of course you can cut yours to any length you like. Measure and cut some patterned paper to what ever length you need.

Its really simple to make, here’s how I done mine.

This is really strong storage that I know will last a long time…

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